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Even pronunciations of one speech sound of a language can vary widely depending on dialects, accents, gender differences, and even from instance to instance, but listeners can overcome initial difficulties and show intelligibility improvements with relatively brief exposure to this highly variable input signal. The present study examines such flexibility in speech perception. Specifically, this study explores a potential mechanism of how listeners flexibly adapt to unfamiliar speech patterns such as those encountered in foreign-accented English vowels and how this process can be influenced by individual differences in listeners’ cognitive abilities.
Journal of Phonetics, 81, 100984.


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The time course of learning and integration of novel words

This project examines the effects of sleep on the time course and lexical integration of novel words.

Individual differences in plasticity in speech perception

This project examines how listeners overcome challenging conditions and what makes listeners better adapters to variability in the speech signal and cognitive load.

A longitudinal study of the acquisition of novel speech sound contrasts

This project explores how individual second language learners differ in their developmental trajectories in the acquisition of novel speech sound contrasts.


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